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Dear Patients, and Friends of Biological Medicine,

We hope this finds you in optimistic spirits and robust health!

Today I want to share three ways Paracelsus can help you with the Coronavirus crisis:
  • Our medical team has put together a very simple “Corona Protocol” to help you strengthen your immune system, and so minimize your chance of having a severe case of Covid-19.
  • If you need to speak with us about your health concerns, we are making available a limited number of consultation appointments with our doctors, which can be conducted via Zoom, Skype or Facetime, for our existing patients.
  • Given the long-term nature of the coronavirus threat, we have developed an Immune Power Program that will be offered first to our existing patients, just as soon as travel restrictions are eased.
Before I talk about these ideas, let me share some personal thoughts about the crisis from the perspective of Biological Medicine.

There is no reason to panic

The "Coronavirus Crisis" is unique and to a certain extent threatening; something no one had foreseen to happen. But instead of losing our minds, we need to be attentive and look at the circumstances from a perspective of how we can protect ourselves and our loved ones most effectively.

In such crises, we always see the hysteria cultivated by mass media, the fear caused by ignorance and inexperience, and the shortcomings of human behavior as well as conventional medicine. The tragedy will be those who are infected, and who suffer and die, unnecessarily.  We hope each of you has been spared, and is taking the appropriate precautions!

I want everyone to understand that no virus can defeat an uncompromised immune system. Those with such systems shake off this infection with few symptoms – sometimes none.  Unfortunately, as much as half our populations in advanced countries have compromised immune systems, due to the factors we wrote about in our last newsletter. 

Conventional medicine rarely recognizes the true importance of the immune system. When have you had your immune strength assessed, except at Paracelsus? Over time, Covid-19 may change that.  But for now, it is left to Biological Medicine to show the way to boost immune function, to restore its power and resilience, despite all the medicines, toxins, medical treatments and conditions that impair it. 

The precautions you should be taking

There are three types of precautions you should take:
  1. Physical distance to avoid infection. You can adjust how strict your protocol is according to your risk and Covid-19 status. Be sure to consider the likelihood of infecting at-risk people in your daily life and adjust your routine accordingly. Use “off peak” hours to shop or let other less at-risk family members do your shopping.
  2. Personal hygiene. Doctors are trained not to touch their faces and to wash hands frequently. The habit of knowing what you have touched and what is clean and when to wash becomes almost automatic.  Become more like a doctor in your habits.  Disinfect “shared surfaces” such as door knobs and toilet handle daily as a precautionary measure.
  3. Supplement and adjust your diet. Add the supplements we list below. Keep your diet relatively alkaline with an emphasis on vegetables and an avoidance of sugar and dairy. You want to be alkaline and well-hydrated.
Here’s the supplement protocol recommended by the medical team at Paracelsus to optimize your immunity with ingredients you can buy without a prescription:
  • Consume 2 grams of Vitamin C daily (1 g every 12 hours). There are reports originating from Wuhan, where researchers have used 24 g of Vitamin C intravenously to successfully treat severe acute respiratory infection (SARI) associated with Covid-19 (1). Therefore, for preventive purposes, 2 g per day is recommended.
  • Lysine, 1000 mg twice daily. A very well-known antiviral supplement that has a strong safety record – it’s simply a natural amino acid (2-4).
  • Cystus extract. A plant extract also with well-established antiviral properties. Available as lozenges or capsules; take 650 mg each, 2-3 x daily (5).
  • Echinacea, available as drops or capsules (as mother tincture, 3 x 5 drops daily). Take for a maximum of 8-10 days only to help your “immune self-defence system” kick in (6,7).
  • As an alternative, you can add pelargonium sidoides root extract if it’s available. This is another plant with antiviral properties mainly found in the Cape Province of South Africa that was used successfully within tuberculosis treatment protocols during former times (as mother tincture, 3 x 5 drops daily) (8,9).
  • Vitamin D, 10,000 IU per day. Caveat: Those with known kidney stones and/or elevated serum calcium should consume no more than 400 IU daily (10,11).

Telephone/videoconference consultations available to existing patients

While preventative measures are easily described, still, the consequences of infection would be severe for many in our community, because our patients present with many health problems that impair their immune function.  In such a pandemic, you may have many questions about how best to take care of yourselves and those you love. 

To provide the support you need, we are making special arrangements to provide consultations for prior patients via any remote method you prefer – telephone or videoconference.  Just call our patient service to describe your concerns, arrange an appointment, and handle billing and any documentation you need.  You’ll also promptly get a short-written report for your records. You can reach our patient service at info@paracelsus.com or by phone at +41 71 335 71 71 during local office hours (CET) or leave a message and we will get back to you. 

New Immune Power Week Program!

Before it’s over, Covid-19 will make it clear to everyone that impaired immunity is one of the biggest health problems in the world. It’s an intricate part of the rise of cancers, auto-immune diseases, and all chronic degenerative conditions. It’s also an obstacle to the long and vibrant life we all want to enjoy.
Immune function declines with age, illness and many conventional medical treatments. But in Biological Medicine, that decline isn’t inevitable. All Four Pillars of Biological Medicine help to rejuvenate immune function:

  1. Detoxification to remove the blockages that impair immune function and create imbalances.
  2. Restoration of the microbiome and intestinal health as the cradle of life, and the wellspring of your immune system.
  3. Regeneration of the regulatory systems and sources of new cells that constantly support the sophisticated network of all our life systems, especially the immune system. These complex and subtle systems cannot be overruled by medicine – they must be supported in a natural way.
  4. Reset your autonomic nervous system and mind with positive thinking, confident attitude and a balanced spiritual intuition to reinforce the strength of immune performance. This is not faith healing – it’s the way the vagus nerve integrates our major organs, hormones, nervous system, and cellular functions to carry us through life.

So many patients present at Paracelsus for their first visit in their 40’s or 50’s, but with the immune function of an 80-year-old. With our therapies, they can leave here with the immune power they should have. If they return regularly, we can make their immune systems function as well as those of their children. This has a host of benefits, as many of you know.

The new Immune Power Program will be an intensive one-week schedule of treatment focused on immune rejuvenation. While each patient’s plan will be personalized to their needs, everyone will have treatments in all of the Four Pillars.

Our CEO, Wolfgang Haas, will write soon with details of the Program. You’ll be able to reserve your place on a waiting list so that as soon as travel to Switzerland is possible again, places will be made available in the order in which you made your reservation.

We’re going to be OK

We’re all in the acute phase of the crisis now, and by all accounts, it will get worse before it gets better. But it will get better! We have only local patients at the Clinic now, and it’s very quiet – the quiet before the storm, as the old expression says.  But if we take care of ourselves and each other, we’ll all get through it.  There are better times ahead.  Let us know how we can help you get there.

Wishing you the best of health,
Frank Pleus, MD DDS OMFS
Medical Director

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